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Programmatic Initiatives

What do we do at LISC NYC? For over 30 years, LISC NYC has been an agent of change in low-income neighborhoods across the five boroughs.  Although we started by developing affordable housing, our work has since grown to be more comprehensive in its approach.  LISC NYC builds sustainable communities of choice and opportunity – communities that offer residents affordable housing, economic opportunities, good schools, and quality goods and services. Our program areas are outlined in detail below.

  • Affordable Housing Finance and Development: LISC NYC’s core competency area. Learn more about the way we help to transform New York City neighborhoods and make affordable housing a reality for 30,000 families and counting.
  • Green and Healthy Neighborhoods: Our approach to making neighborhoods more energy efficient and healthy for residents. Read more about our efforts to "green" communities.
  • Economic DevelopmentLISC NYC works with our local partners to revitalize commercial corridors and support small businesses in low-income neighborhoods. 
  • Family Income and Wealth: LISC NYC’s Financial Opportunity Center is a career and personal finance service center that helps low- and moderate-income people build smart money habits and focus on their financial bottom line.