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Green and Healthy Neighborhoods

LISC NYC’s Green and Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative is committed to improving health in underserved communities.

Our approach to improving health is holistic.  We help community-based organizations develop and expand places in their neighborhoods to access wholesome, affordable foods – like grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and client choice food pantries – and educate community members about nutrition. Our Communities for Healthy Food program empowers residents to advocate for access to affordable healthy food. We also create green, healthy and safe affordable housing through our Two Shades of Green program.

Through the Healthy Futures Fund, we are developing innovative ways to bring community health centers to underserved areas as well as ways to develop affordable housing that incorporates health services for low-income residents.

Through the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, we invest in grocery stores and other food outlets in the neighborhoods where we work, not only to improve nutrition and health, but as a way to spark commercial revitalization and job creation.

Our Green and Healthy Neighborhoods programs help our community development partners to improve the well-being of the neighborhoods they serve, from Mt. Eden in the Bronx, to the Rockaways in Queens. We’re committed to helping people get what they need to become—and stay—healthy.


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