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Building the Field

An integral aspect of LISC NYC’s mission is to strengthen the infrastructure and ensure the sustainability of New York City’s nonprofit community development sector. This sector, comprised in main part by long-standing neighborhood-based CDCs, is vital to the health and well-being of low-income communities throughout New York City. 

These organizations have deep-rooted connections to residents in their communities, a track record dating back to the 1970s of rebuilding neighborhoods that were devastated by disinvestment, and a legacy of engaging marginalized residents in efforts that improve their quality of life. Many are not only stewards of a dwindling supply of decent, safe and affordable housing, but are also at the forefront of innovative community programming to build civic infrastructure, create access to healthy food, improve education, meet the needs of youth and seniors, connect people to jobs and strengthen the financial opportunity of underserved populations. 

While a number of the strongest CDCs continue to develop new affordable housing projects, CDCs across the spectrum must diversify their funding sources, demonstrate their impact by tracking outcomes, manage their assets effectively, increase the efficiency of their operations, create effective partnerships in order to advance innovative programming and avoid duplicating services, and advocate effectively for their communities. 

LISC NYC's builds the field through:

  • Capacity Building: LISC NYC’s capacity building program aims to strengthen the NYC nonprofit community development industry by providing a toolbox of technical assistance, training, cross-sector partnerships, and funding that helps CDCs meet these challenges.   
  • Cashin Community Development Fellowship: In 2007, LISC board member Lisa Cashin created the Cashin Community Development Fellowship to provide select Prep for Prep graduates and college students with firsthand experience in community development. Over the last nine years Cashin Fellows have worked at community development corporations (CDCs) in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City.  
  • Change Capital Fund: Through Change Capital, a funders’ collaborative, LISC is helping five CDCs to enhance their performance and outcomes tracking systems to measure their impact on reducing poverty in high-need neighborhoods. Through significant funding and technical assistance, the initiative is helping these CDCs to use data to inform their programming and to demonstrate results. LISC is playing a key role not only by committing funds, but also by helping to target technical assistance resources and advising the evaluation and dissemination of results. 
  • CDC 4G - Joint Operating Entity: LISC NYC works closely with a group of 12 leading CDCs and expert consultants on the implementation of JOE, a business model that has the potential to fundamentally transform the community-based housing sector. The JOE is legal entity that will allow CDCs to pool their resources and manage their housing assets jointly to achieve greater economies of scale.