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Michigan LISC helps residents transform their communities into healthy places to live, do business and raise families.

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Welcome to Michigan LISC!

Michigan LISC  is working with CDC's and other closely aligned Neighborhood Intermediaries to identify and evaluate different approaches to organizing their work in community development. The overall goal of this effort provides participants with both the tools and the insights into how to make critical choices regarding how, when and why an organization would want to work collaboratively with others to design, manage or implement a comprehensive community development strategy.

Special Announcement:Special Announcement:

LISC Names a New CEO

Maurice Jones, Virginia’s commerce secretary and a former HUD official, has been chosen to serve as LISC’s new president and CEO. He succeeds Michael Rubinger, who will step down after 17 years as CEO. Jones brings to the leadership role a career’s worth of business, management and policy experience and an enduring personal commitment to improving communities and the lives of low-income Americans.

Flint Staff UpdateFlint Staff Update

June 2016 - After nearly eight years with LISC, Sue Peters has accepted another job. We feel very fortunate for Sue’s commitment to Michigan LISC and her work to bring LISC’s national community development resources to Flint’s neighborhoods. During her tenure with LISC, she was able to develop strong development partnerships and complete a number of catalytic projects in Flint. We feel strongly that Sue leaves the Flint office well-positioned to continue to be a critical partner in community development and we look forward to watching more great work being accomplished. Please join us in thanking Sue for her years of service and wishing her well.

Special Announcement:Special Announcement:

2015 Annual Report: A Year to Remember.

May 2016 - LISC’s 2015 Annual Report is here! In it, we celebrate our record investment dollars, take a close look at critical housing work through the eyes of our 31 local and rural programs, and pay tribute to outgoing CEO Michael Rubinger.

A Toast to Michael RubingerA Toast to Michael Rubinger

May 2016 - Hundreds of colleagues and friends gathered to honor Michael Rubinger, LISC president and CEO, with glowing tributes, a community development fellowship in his name, and a dog—yes, a dog—on the eve of his retirement. A recap of the celebration, and a video charting Rubinger’s career at LISC, describe his extraordinary contribution to neighborhood renewal.

NFL Foundation Grassroots ProgramNFL Foundation Grassroots Program

The 2016 NFL Foundation Grassroots RFP is now available for download! Deadline for proposals is August 15, 2016.

What Wll it Take to Turn the Tide for Flint?What Wll it Take to Turn the Tide for Flint?

May 2016 - Brittany, a native of Flint, MI, is an assistant with LISC’s New York-based AmriCorps program. Before becoming a staffer, she served for two years in LISC’s AmeriCorps program at the Genesee County Land Bank. Brittany is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in social work. For those of us in community development, the water disaster pushes us to think about how to make local voices stronger, louder, more skillful.

Position - Flint Office

Program Officer

Michigan Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Michigan LISC is seeking a multi-skilled individual to join our team to accomplish our mission of helping to create healthy neighborhoods that are good places to live, work, raise children and conduct business in Flint.

2013-2014 Michigan LISC Kalamazoo Office Annual Report

2013-2014 Michigan LISC Flint Office Annual Report

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