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Michigan LISC helps residents transform their communities into healthy places to live, do business and raise families.

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Welcome to Michigan LISC!

Michigan LISC  is working with CDC's and other closely aligned Neighborhood Intermediaries to identify and evaluate different approaches to organizing their work in community development. The overall goal of this effort provides participants with both the tools and the insights into how to make critical choices regarding how, when and why an organization would want to work collaboratively with others to design, manage or implement a comprehensive community development strategy.

Register now for the 2017 Building Michigan Communities Conference

The conference will be held May 1-3 at the Lansing Center, Lansing MI. The conference offers two-and-a-half days of informative, educational sessions with leading industry presenters and special guests. The educational tracks for the 2017 conference are: Ending Homelessness, Homeownership, Multifamily, Organizational Development and Vibrant Communities. The Monday luncheon keynote will be Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman of Under the Radar, Michigan. They will share their experiences of traveling Michigan discovering and uncovering cool people, places and things. US Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary nominee Ben Carson has been invited to speak at this year’s conference. We hope to hear sometime soon after his confirmation. Stay tuned! Early-bird pricing is available until April 10.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CPTED

CPTED, aka Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, is a smart, common sense crime-reduction strategy that has long been part of LISC’s approach to community safety, and to our work with the Justice Department's Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program. An engaging, interactive map shows how CPTED has worked to combat blight and improve safety in Flint, MI and makes a strong case for how it could help communities everywhere.

LISC Wins $85 Million NMTC Allocation

The federal New Markets Tax Credit program has proven itself to be an effective way to drive much-needed investment capital and commercial development into distressed communities across the country. LISC will use a new $85 million allocation under the program to help attract and grow small businesses, revive blighted manufacturing sites, build new heath centers, develop grocery stores in food deserts, and launch new schools and child care centers in low-income areas.

Our veterans deserve a place to call home

In honor of Veterans Day, we are sharing the story of Gerald Hurt, a formerly homeless veteran who recently moved into a new supportive housing community in Danville, Illinois. Through the Bring them HOMES initiative, the National Equity Fund and LISC are working together to make sure every veteran has the home he or she needs. We invite you to pass this video on to your friends and colleagues, to commemorate the men and women who have served our country, and to remind others why a safe and stable home is imperative for all veterans.

A New Study Shows LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers Surpass Other Programs

An independent study has found that Financial Opportunity Center clients, who access a range of services, have more success meeting their financial goals than people in programs offering employment assistance alone. Their gains include landing and keeping a job, growing credit and increasing annual earnings. The research findings will help LISC refine and propel its financial stability work on behalf of low-income Americans.

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