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LISC equips struggling communities with the capital, strategy and know-how to become places where people can thrive. We help create good places to live, work, do business and raise children.

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For nearly 30 years, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Los Angeles has worked with local leaders to invest in housing, health, education, public safety and employment - all basic needs that must be tackled at once so that progress in one is not undermined by neglect in another.

LISC brings together key local players to take on pressing challenges and incubate new solutions. With them, we help develop smarter public policy. Our toolkit is extensive. It includes loans, grants, equity investments and on-the-ground experience in some of the neediest neighborhoods.


LA LISC has two positions open: Community Development Officer and Assistant Program Officer. Apply Today!

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LA LISC Quarterly Newsletter 06/08/16

LISC Annual Report 2015: A Year to Remember


2015 was the best year in LISC's history - read stories from 29 communities across the US where LISC works.  


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