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What's Health Got to Do with It?


KANSAS CITY, Kansas - In the heat of the noon hour one resident walked his dog while another pushed her baby in a stroller. Ken Ensley lives near Kansas City, Kansas’ Waterway Park and said the neighborhood is quiet most of the time. Some said it's quite a change from five years ago when Waterway Park was home to frequent drug dealing and prostitution.

That's the view of Damon Broadus who represents LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), an urban developer which infused money into the area. He said the park turned around when the land was leveled and people involved in criminal activity were no longer hidden from view.

LISC also built new homes with front porches as a way to encourage neighbors to keep an eye on the park. Broadus and Ensley agree the park is used a lot these days for exercise and recreation.

According to health and safety expert Leslie Mikkelsen, having usable park space in the urban core is critical to solving America's healthcare problems. Broadus was in attendance as she spoke to a gathering at Kansas City's Kauffman Foundation. Continued[+]...

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