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NeighborhoodsNOW from bobby pitts on Vimeo.

Every neighborhood is a unique tapestry—a complex system of interconnected, moving parts. That is precisely why no single solution can ever hope to address all of a struggling neighborhood’s needs. Disinvested places must be revived on multiple fronts, by multiple partners and stakeholders. LISC helps residents and local organizations work together to become places where people thrive. 

NeighborhoodsNOW is LISC's approach to comprehensive neighborhood revitalization. Since 2006, we have been investing in the capacity and vitality of six neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. In May of 2016, five of these neighborhoods shared their new 2016-2018 Quality of Life Plans in front of stakeholders from city governments, foundations, neighborhood groups and investors. LISC will support the visions set out in these plans, to help the residents transform their communities.

Please join us in supporting the visions of our NeighborhoodsNOW focus areas. See each neighborhood's goals below, and click the button on the left to download their full Quality of Life Plans.

Blue Hills

Expand home repair program
Increase youth and young family engagement
Expand new commercial and residential development


Downtown Kansas City, Kansas

A clean, safe and attractive Downtown KCK
Foster small business growth
Increase housing choices



Expand physical development and housing
Advance neighborhood engagement and communication efforts
Increase organizational capacity



Build organizational capacity and leverage programmatic strengths
Advance residential and commercial development along the 39th Street corridor
Higher resident engagement that supports and sustains a thriving neighborhood


Scarritt Renaissance

Increase usability and impact of Concourse Park and Cliff Drive
Rebrand and develop infrastructure to encourage residential and commercial development
Diversify efforts to improve neighborhood safety

Are you an individual, corporation or foundation interested in making a tax-deductible donation to support a neighborhood’s vision?

Contact Lisa Heishman at (816) 753-0055 or to learn more.