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Our Programs

A healthy, sustainable community requires a broad-scale and integrated strategy to support its revitalization and/or stabilization. As such,  Greater Kansas City LISC programs address elements such as leadership development, retail services, employment, health care, public safety, education, recreation, and the arts; indeed, all those things that common sense and experience suggest are necessary to a functioning urban community.

At Greater Kansas City LISC, we implement our comprehensive strategy through three core programs:

A blueprint for transforming disinvested neighborhoods into sustainable communities.

Our signature program - NeighborhoodsNOW - is modeled on our National LISC Building Sustainable Communities program.  It builds on traditional community development principles and expands them to include a holistic variety of interventions aimed at the comprehensive redevelopment of targeted neighborhoods neighborhoods.  Learn how...

Financial Opportunity Centers
A comprehensive approach for long-term financial health.

Also called FOC, Financial Opportunity Centers are career and personal financial service centers that focus on the financial bottom line for low-to-moderate income individuals. The FOC program focuses on changing people's financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses and acquiring assets.  Following a model established by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the FOC model provides families with services across three areas:employment placement and career improvement; financial education and coaching; and public benefits access. These core services are integrated and provided to clients in a bundled fashion in order to reinforce one another and to provide a multi-faceted approach to income and wealth building.   Learn more...

Greater KC Support Program 
How Greater Kansas City LISC mobilizes the community to tackle tough issues and implement smart solutions.

The Greater KC Support Program allows us to invest in strategic projects and alliances that expand the ability of  LISC,  community-based organizations, cities and neighborhood residents to address quality of life issues such as housing, access to services, and economic development in regional target areas.   We also advocate for financial and legislative tools to improve community development processes and funding and provide effective leadership on issues affecting neighborhoods. Learn how...