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Special Initiatives

In response to increased demand for LISC’s expertise, LISC participates in select Special Initiatives to provide services to certain areas and community groups outside of our targeted NeighborhoodsNOW communities as long as certain criteria are met: 

  1. The community is one that needs LISC’s assistance, is low-income, has significant blight, or is struggling with affordability issues.
  2. LISC is wanted by the community and the investment conforms to the community’s priorities. 
  3. There is capacity to carry out initiatives and resources available beyond those of LISC to ensure long-term feasibility.
  4. The project makes a quantifiable difference to the neighborhood and the quality of life of residents 

Typically, in these non-NeighborhoodsNOW urban communities and in near-suburban areas,  LISC fosters community-based development efforts through civic engagement, provision of technical assistance, and investment of loans and equity to support affordable housing and economic development.  Examples include:

  •  In partnership with the Housing Authority, a HUD Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant is helping move Northeast KCMO residents from isolation to collaboration.
  • Predevelopment lending is providing much needed housing for returning war veterans with special needs.
  • Our leadership is creating workable solutions to the community-wide vacant properties challenge.

Request for LISC services in areas of the cities which are targeted due to specific community development projects, civic priorities, or where a strong nonprofit group is producing outcomes, will be pursued based on the strength of the opportunity.  

Supportive Products & Services
The full array of LISC supportive products and services are available through the Greater KC Support Program. Additionally, as a local site of the nation's largest community development organization, Greater Kansas City LISC is able to tap into national resources to support local programs and initiatives.

  • Affordable Housing Preservation and Housing Authority Resource Center
  • Community Safety Initiative
  • Education Facilities Financing Center
  • Foreclosure Response/Vacant Properties
  • Green Development Center
  • Best practices resources, conferences and training workshops
  • Real estate development
  • Staff capacity and organizational expansion
  • Crisis intervention

Developing the Community Development Industry
We invest in strategic projects and alliances that expand the ability of LISC, community-based organizations, cities and neighborhood residents to address quality of life issues such as housing, access to services and economic development in regional target areas.  This investment can take the form of technical assistance, community forums and training.  

Contact Stephen Samuels for more information or to inquire about support.

Since 1981, Greater Kansas City LISC has invested more than $132 million 
into KC area urban-core neighborhods.