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Greater Kansas City Momentum Map


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How We Work


Build Neighborhood Pride: This is part of our mission because it is critical to the health of the places where we work. We know community development is not an overnight success story. For some places, in some years, we are working through the complexities to help a neighborhood build the infrastructure necessary to be poised for success. There may not be dramatic changes to the physical landscape, but as residents become more organized, streets more safe, and homes stabilized, pride is grown. And it is that improving residents’ perceptions of their quality of life that builds the efficacy required for effective grass-roots change.

Expand Economic Development: The vitality of our neighborhoods is inextricably linked to Kansas City’s ability to be competitive. If we only invest in certain parts of our region - ignoring places that might seem too blighted or where the problems seem too complicated - social services will continue to be strained and we will continue to struggle to increase our tax base.  Building on our past work to support investments in housing and commercial expansion, LISC will develop strong regional public and private partnerships to drive economic development so we can help create more places where a diverse range of residents choose to live, work, do business and raise their families.

Accelerate NeighborhoodsNOW: We are ramping up our comprehensive approach to community development. That means we will further customize our work in individual neighborhoods, connect those priorities with larger initiatives, and get early buy-in from our policy and finance partners to leverage more capital and strengthen action plans.

Grow the Financial Opportunity Center NetworkIn partnership with United Way of Greater Kansas City and local supporters, LISC is on a path to expand the local Financial Opportunity Center Network over the next two years. The thought leadership and collaboration between individual agencies will grow the region’s capacity for financial coaching, helping more local families achieve financial stability and positively impacting the region as a whole.

Lead Large-Scale RedevelopmentLISC’s Momentum Map clearly illustrates the potential for more coordination in the development of our urban core. Along with the City of KCMO, the Mid-America Regional Council, and the Urban Neighborhood Initiative, we are developing an implementation strategy for large-scale, catalytic urban redevelopment including a public-private development entity to sustain a bold vision, and new sources of patient capital for our community partners to access.

Promote Policy Efforts: LISC will continue to advance policy issues that support the five elements of a sustainable community—from affordable housing and economic development to good health, education and family financial stability. Our Kansas and Northwest Missouri Policy Networks will meet throughout the year, and we are eager to get more involved with other regional agendas to build strong effective collaborations.