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An integrated services delivery program in Chicago helped Tene Smith with training for a job in manufacturing and a lot more, including work readiness, financial coaching and support to access government benefits.

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Learn About Integrated Services Delivery

Welcome to the Integrated Services Delivery website. Created by Local Initiatives Support Corporation, United Way WorldWide and MDC, this website is intended to be resource for all those interested in integrated services delivery.

Integrated services delivery is a way to help low-to- moderate income families improve their household finances by working toward simultaneously boosting earnings and reducing expenses. Organizations that use ISD offer clients assistance with employment advancement, income enhancements and asset building.

The ISD theory of change stipulates that each service works best when delivered in conjunction with the others. As clients reduce expenses, obtain public benefits and remove barriers to employment, the net value of their earnings rises sharply, dramatically increasing their incentives to work longer and earn more.

Integrated services delivery programs are operating in cities across the country, run by a variety of different types of institutions and working through several different networks of support. This website is designed as a resource for groups that currently use ISD, are just starting or are interested in learning more.

Recently Posted

Improving Economic Mobility, One Family at a Time

Seung Kim, the program director of LISC’s Family Income & Wealth Building program, writes about her experience as a financial coach and supporting Financial Opportunity Centers around the country. She tells how integrated services delivery can change lives and why coaching makes a big difference.

Increasing Financial Well-Being Through Integration

This recent CFED paper makes the case for why those working on employment and career pathways should focus on the multiple dimensions of individuals’ financial lives. It explains the basics behind why integrated services delivery works, including discussion of the impact on employment services, why workforce development programs are an ideal platform for ISD, and structural barriers to integrating financial capability services.

Building Financial Counseling into Social Service Delivery

A new report from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs outlines the positive results from a pilot program at five social service agencies to provide financial counseling to a wide-variety of clients, and includes key lessons for integrating financial counseling into social service contexts.

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