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History & Accomplishments

LISC was founded nationally in 1979 with the support of the Ford Foundation to develop local leadership and build strong community-based development organization. It began opening local offices in the early 1980s. Today, LISC is America’s largest community development support organization.

Houston LISC was launched in 1989 with the support of the United Way of Greater Houston and Private Sector Initiatives (now Rebuilding Together Houston) and several other corporate partners.

In 2007, Houston LISC expanded its original cornerstone strategy from investing in affordable homes and real estate to a comprehensive model of community development called Building Sustainable Communities. Through this approach, LISC launched two new programs in 2009 — Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods and Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs).

In 2015, Houston LISC launched the Houston Catalyst Fund – a multi-million dollar effort to jumpstart and preserve affordable housing developments in neighborhoods near light rail stop, employment centers and investment areas.


Real Estate

Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs)

Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods

In 2016, through LISC loans,
investments and grants:

  • Over 1,000 units of affordable housing preserved/created or under development
  • Over $38 million of equity provided for seven low income housing task credit projects
  • $3.7 million in loans and $255,000 in grants and Project Initiation Loans for seniors housing
    projects, affordable home for families, and for permanent supportive housing

In 2016:

  • 2,116 people received employment coaching resulting in 554 people accessing jobs.
  • 907 families received income supports coaching, resulting in access to $55,226 in public benefits.
  • 1,367 people received one-on-one financial coaching resulting in:
    • 858 clients increased their credit scores.
    • 1,000 clients increased net income by an average of $1,175/month.
    • 664 clients increased their net worth.

In 2016:

  • 170 projects were completed across GO Neighborhoods partner communities.
  • $262,250 was invested by LISC directly into partner communities.
  • $39,000,00 was leveraged by partners = cash investment created by LISC grants and loans.
  • 10,319 active participants in two GO Neighborhood Steering Committees and GO Teams

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