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Welcome to Hartford LISC!

Hartford LISC is one of over 30 local programs of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the nation’s largest community development support organization. Our mission is to help community residents create healthy and sustainable places of choice and opportunity – good places to live, work, raise children and conduct business. We mobilize corporate, government, individual donor and philanthropic support and invest these resources into the projects, programs and initiatives that build on the assets and address the challenges of Hartford's neighborhoods.


Connecticut United Ways Release ALICE Report Housing Update

The Connecticut United Ways have released an update to the ALICE Report focused on housing. The report findings include:

1. Housing is a universal need, and affordable options for ALICE families are limited.

Throughout much of Connecticut, the cost of available housing is too high relative to the actual incomes of ALICE households.

2. Half of all renters and more than a third of all homeowners in Connecticut – many who are ALICE families – are burdened by their housing costs. They are spending more than 30% of their income on housing which makes it difficult to pay for other necessities.

3. When households are overburdened by housing costs, they are faced with making tough choices, including living in substandard housing, moving farther away from their job, and even falling into homelessness.

4. The supply of affordable housing in Connecticut is growing, but the need is still great. Although Connecticut ALICE families benefit from the unprecedented creation of 7,500 affordable homes since 2011, there is still a significant need for affordable housing choices.   

The full housing update can be found at 


Making the Case for Affordable Housing

LISC led a workshop on "making the case for affordable housing" at the annual conference of the Connecticut Housing Coalition on September 29, 2105 at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Widespread research demonstrates that affordable housing enables families to thrive while also supporting healthy local economies. Attendees heard the experiences of housing groups in Waterbury, Norfolk and Ridgefield on approachesthey have taken to raise awareness and advance affordable housing development in their cities and towns.

LISC's presentation is available to dowload here.


New Loan Fund to Attract Transit Oriented Development

The Connecticut TOD Fund

The State of Connecticut has made an historic investment in transit that opens the door to economic vitality and opportunity. The State of Connecticut, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) and LISC have created a $15 million loan fund to encourage transit oriented development around station stops on bus rapid transit and commuter rail corridors. These include: CTfastrak, the Hartford rail line, Shoreline East and MetroNorth – both the New Haven main line and the branch lines to New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury. The fund offers predevelopment and acquisition loans to eligible projects and developers.

Transit oriented development (TOD) features a mix of uses, including new housing, retail commercial and office space near transit stops. TOD encourages the use of mass transit, reduces reliance on driving and fosters more compact, walkable communities. TOD can help communities expand access to jobs and education while jump-starting community revitalization.

Hartford Business Journal Sees Transit Spurring Development

The Hartford Business Journal identified several transit-oriented development projects near CTFastrak stations. These projects are great examples of how the Connecticut TOD Fund might be used. 

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Hartford Highlights

Since 1984, Hartford LISC has invested over $20 million to create:

  • 1,700 units of housing,

  • 147,000 sq. ft. commercial space,

  • 6 community centers and

  • 8 child care centers serving over 1,000 children.

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