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West Duluth

Neighborhood Boundaries: West Duluth covers the area from the Ore Docks to the Grand Avenue entrance to Spirit Mountain. West Duluth includes Denfeld, Ramsey, Irving, Fremont Point, Fairmont Park and Norton Park areas, as well as the Oneota Industrial District and the Spirit Valley Business District (links to maps are on the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan page).

Brief history: Human settlement of what is now West Duluth began with American Indian tribes followed by European fur traders, but the pattern of the community was established in the latter half of the 19th Century when the St. Louis River waterfront was the focal point for industrial development around which neighborhoods grew.  Over time, rail and street systems connected the industrial areas and expanded development away from the water.

West Duluth was an unabashed blue-collar area. Residents worked in the concentration of heavy industry and transportation transfer facilities.  The bulk of the housing was two-story single-family homes built on small lots.  Local business districts were vibrant and diverse.  Neighborhood identify was strong.

By the 1970’s, heavy industry began to disappear.  Many waterfront businesses closed and large portions of the riverfront fell into disuse, separated from the surrounding neighborhoods. The construction of I-35 in the late 1960’s was both a boon and a bane.  The highway eliminated hundreds of housing units and created a significant physical barrier slicing through the neighborhood.  On the other hand, it created opportunities for new industrial enterprises, eliminated blighted areas, and, probably most importantly, provided a fast and convenient transportation connection to the rest of the city, region, and state.

At Home in Duluth Coordinating Agency

West Duluth Community Development Corporation
331 N. Central Avenue (above the Pioneer Bank building, enter through side door)
Phone: 218-624-2317 

Look what else is happening in West Duluth!

The West Duluth Business Club helps build and encourage partnerships, opportunity, prosperity and community strength so that pride might flourish within the businesses and neighborhoods of West Duluth.  They meet the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at Mr. D's at noon. Lunch and beverage is $10. For more information email