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Community Safety Initiative

The Community Safety Initiative (CSI) is implemented as part of the Building Sustainable Communities Initiative of the At Home in Duluth collaborative. The objective of the Duluth Community Safety Initiative is to eliminate or overcome crime-related factors that inhibit neighborhood revitalization. Duluth CSI focuses on crime reduction, creating community-based public safety initiatives, and bringing blighted and vacant properties back to acceptable standards. In 2011, the Duluth CSI program won first place out of 7oo applicants in the annual Met-Life Community Police Partnership Awards.

CSI is based on the premise that crime, and the fear it generates, is a critical national issue that menaces the well-being of youth, families, and communities. While it is clear that drug dealing, gang violence and other crime incidents expose neighborhood residents to potential physical harm, they also deeply affect people and communities in other ways. Crime and perceptions of danger deter investment by businesses and property owners, feeding a cycle of neighborhood decline that limits economic and social opportunities for local residents.

CSI addresses these challenges by building long-term partnerships between police departments, community development corporations, and other key stakeholders in troubled neighborhoods. By coordinating their efforts, CSI partners can address crime by targeting “anchor” areas where development investments will have significant impact, while simultaneously engaging in new development to deter crime in hot spots. The core elements of CSI’s model rest on the understanding that integrating economic development and law enforcement makes neighborhoods safer, and enables neighborhood revitalization to be effective in the long-term.

Effective Community Safety Initiatives can be characterized by four common elements: a mobilized community; a Police Department committed to community policing principles; a real estate development program that eliminates blight and reduces the footprint of criminal activity, and multiple platforms for collaboration.

History of Duluth CSI

Success! West Duluth Business Corridor, Duluth Veteran's Place, Hillside Apartments, Lincoln Park Community Patrol

Policy Changes as a consequence of Duluth CSI

Duluth's Blight Collaborative