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At Home in Duluth Collaborative

Duluth LISC implements the Building Sustainable Communities Initiative through At Home in Duluth, a coalition of 25 nonprofit non-profit, neighborhood and public sector organizations working in West Duluth, Morgan Park, Lincoln Park, and the Hillsides

The At Home in Duluth members collaborate on comprehensive neighborhood revitalization: affordable housing development and rehabilitation, redevelopment of historic properties, neighborhood planning, commercial corridor development, resident engagement, asset and income building strategies, foreclosure remediation, and workforce and educational initiatives. In 2007 and 2008, the At Home collaborative created Quality of Life Plans for each focus neighborhood. These plans were updated in 2011 and are currently being implemented.

The plans address each of the five Building Sustainable Communities goals: to develop, preserve and invest in housing and other real estate; to increase family income and wealth; to stimulate economic activity; to improve access to quality education; and to foster livable, safe, and healthy environments.

A core group of At Home members meets monthly to coordinate activities associated with implementing the neighborhood plans. One Roof Community Housing (formed from the merger of NHS Duluth and the Northern Communities Land Trust in 2012) is the organization responsible for coordinated implementation and community engagement in the Hillside neighborhoods and the residential portion of Lincoln Park.  West Duluth Community Development Corporation (WDCDC), formerly known as Spirit Valley Citizens Neighborhood Development Association) is responsible for implementation and community engagement in West Duluth and the commercial corridor in Lincoln Park. Duluth LISC provides extensive technical assistance to One Roof and WDCDC staff, board members and community leaders to increase their capacity to achieve Building Sustainable Communities Initiative goals.

Core Group:


Coordinating Partners: American Indian Housing Organization, Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency, At Home East Hillside Residents, Central Hillside Community Club, Life House, Lincoln Park Neighborhood Residents, Morgan Park Community Club, St. Louis County