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LISC is committed to building communities that offer the positive environments needed to ensure that all residents of any income level are provided the opportunities and tools to build assets, to participate in the benefits of their communities, and to become part of the mainstream economy.

We are calling these places Sustainable Communities.  They are, in effect, the embodiment of both “community” and “development” — places where human opportunity and social and economic vitality combine with a continuous process of growth, adaptation, and improvement.  We envision Sustainable Communities as places that people want to be in, contribute to, thrive in, and be proud of.  Sustainable Communities are good places to live, do business, work, worship, and raise families.  In Detroit and across the country, LISC is expanding its traditional focus and developing partnerships with a wide-range of nonprofit and for-profit organizations that support the larger issue of comprehensive community health and sustainability.  LISC is focusing its investments on five core program objectives that, taken together, can lead to this larger goal.