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Staffing Tips and Tools

A safety organizer or coordinator can be the glue needed to hold complex community safety partnerships together. These tools can help you structure this type of position and find the right person for the job.


Catalyst for Collaboration: Roles of a Safety Coordinator

This paper draws from the strategies of successful community-safety partnerships to describe how safety coordinators can engage community members and law enforcement MORE...


The Safety Organizer

This paper outlines why a safety organizer/coordinator position is important and lists tips for people serving in this role.



Safety Coordinator-Organizer Job Description

This is a sample job description for a safety organizer or coordinator who serves as a liaison between residents, businesses and key institutions including the police department, and facilitates the development and execution of multi-partner safety workplans.



Sample Safety Coordinator Interview

The sample interview questions can help hiring committees learn more about the skills, instincts and relationships that candidates for a safety coordinator or organizer position will bring to the job.