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Sample Community Agreements & Memorandum of Understanding

Sample Community Agreements

In seeking to change the practices of businesses and residential properties which are complicit in illegal activity, or which contribute to disorder (such as by selling drug paraphernalia or high-alcohol content beverages), a number of community safety partnerships have used Good Neighbor Agreements. These agreements can be strong negotiating tools, particularly when the police and city attorney are on board to assist with monitoring and enforcement. Community and police partners can offer “carrot and stick” incentives for business and property owners to sign; with nuisance businesses or properties, the threat of becoming a target for code and law enforcement may be necessary to bring owners to the table. Some practitioners have found it beneficial to seek Agreements with all property and business owners on a corridor, offering rewards like a free ad in the community paper to those who readily agree to abide by certain standards for business practice and storefront maintenance. Below are several Agreements used by CSI partners which may serve as useful models.

Café and Lounge Agreement

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Grocery/Market Agreement

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Mini Mart Agreement

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Residential Property Agreement

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Good Neighbor Agreement Template

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Sample Memorandum of Understanding 

Many public safety partnerships have found it useful to create Memoranda of Understanding articulating the roles and responsibilities of various partners. These agreements not only create a structure by which partners can be held accountable, they are also tools that can help ensure that institutions continue to engage in collaborative safety work even if key founding individuals move on. Consider also that many funders require such agreements, and creating them under the pressure of a grant deadline can be difficult when public agencies like police departments need to secure official approval of language. The following tools – a sample MOU used by a CSI site and a generic template ready to be modified – have been used by partnerships around the country.

Basic MOU Template

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Sample Multi-Sector Partnership MOU

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BCJI Sample Partnership Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding

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BCJI Sample Partnership Agreement/MOU with Research Partner

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Michigan State University Sample Memorandum of Understanding

Shared with permission from from 
Michigan State University
Project Safe Neighborhoods TA Provider

Data Confidentiality/Security Agreement Between Agency and Researcher Template 

Shared with permission from Police Foundation