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Audits & Surveys



Community Developer-Police Partnership Survey

This brief survey has been used by city and intermediary staff to gather information about the quantity and quality of interaction between community developers and police, and the perspectives of community groups on local crime and reentry issues. It is most useful as a tool in the context of a conversation about building stronger partnerships around safety strategies.
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Quality of Life Survey

This tool is used to gather qualitative information about perceptions of crime and disorder, civic engagement and community-police relations. It is effective for pre- and post-intervention testing. It is best delivered in an interview format with a small number of survey administrators. It was developed by LISC-CSI with assistance from the University of Missouri Kansas City.
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Retail Safety Audit

Based on CPTED principles, this tool is used by police & commercial corridor managers as they work with business owners to identify ways that the physical design of storefronts & merchandise displays, as well as basic business practices, could be altered to make the store more “defensible”. Versions of the audit translated into Spanish are available both as a pdf document (Spanish) and as a word document (Spanish).
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Safety Audit Checklist

Safety Audits were developed in the late 1980s by a multidisciplinary team in Toronto, Canada led by anti-violence advocates METRAC.  Safety audits now appear in dozens of cities and are promoted by the UN Habitat Safer Cities program.  This tool provides a useful framework for collecting perception data about how people feel regarding safety in a given area. The focus is on the physical environment and residents make recommendations about CPTED strategies such as lighting, signage, entrapment areas, as well as outreach to specific groups like seniors and youth.
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Neighborhood Safety Audit 

This version of a neighborhood safety audit has been adapted by Gregory Savile at AlterNation, LLC.  The Neighborhood Safety Audit is particularly helpful for SafeGrowth practitioners looking to collect community feedback on specific target areas for safety projects.  It is recommended that safety audits be conducted in a small team with members who represent a relative sampling of the neighborhood (e.g. seniors, youth, both women and men, residents, etc.)  Audits should be conducted by one objective/silent facilitator who records participants’ comments and reactions throughout the survey.