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Nuisance Abatement

Vacant and foreclosed properties, absentee ownership and general problem properties attracting crime and disorder often turn into a nuisance for communities, serving as a haven for illegal activity.  Working with police, prosecutors, and code enforcement, CSI partners have utilized an array of strategies to convert nuisance properties into assets through the use of civil and criminal remedies including building codes, zoning, improved crime reporting and much more.  

Below are resources describing nuisance abatement strategies 

Resource Lists



Beyond Community Policing: Engaging Prosecutors in Community Safety Partnerships

The prosecutor has a specific area of expertise and a distinct role to play in community safety that cannot be filed by the police or the community. This article explains that role MORE...


Leveraging Code Enforcement for Neighborhood Safety: Insights for Community Developers

Drawing on the best-practice strategies employed by winners of the MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Awards over the last five years, this paper leads safety MORE...

Lawrenceville Public Safety Program - Pittsburgh, PA

Partners: Lawrenceville United and City of Pittsburgh Police Department

To confront an increase in prostitution, drug-related crime, poverty, and substandard housing conditions in the Upper Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville MORE...

Resurgence of the Waverly Neighborhood - Columbia, SC

Partners: Columbia Housing Development Corporation (CHDC), TN Development Corporation, and Columbia Police Department

The historic Waverly neighborhood is the oldest African-American community in Columbia, South Carolina. By the 1990s, the once prosperous area had MORE...

Auburn Boulevard Revitalization - Sacramento, CA

Partners: Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and the Sacramento County Sheriff Department

In 1992, the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) started a revitalization project on Auburn Boulevard to respond to years of MORE...

Public Safety Project - Burlington, VT

Partners: Burlington Community Economic Development Office & Burlington Police Department

Burlington's Old North End is the city's most historic, diverse, and impoverished neighborhood. This case study illustrates how the City's Community and MORE...

Police Partnership for Safe & Thriving Neighborhoods - Tacoma, WA

Partners: Hilltop Action Coalition and Tacoma Police Department

Hilltop Action Coalition, one of the many programs housed under Associated Ministries, is an engaged group of civic leaders who, since 1989, worked MORE...

Southeast Seattle Community Safety Initiative - Seattle, WA

Partners: HomeSight and the Seattle Police Department 

HomeSight has leveraged its capacity as a community development corporation to gain the trust of merchants, residents, and city agencies and focus their efforts on large-scale MORE...

Riverside Gateway Initiatives - Providence, RI 

Partners: Olneyville Housing Corporation & Providence Police Department 

After years of neglect, the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island had changed from an area populated by mills fueling the local economy to a neighborhood dominated MORE...