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Youth Service Providers

Collective programming between police and community organizations results in youth crime reduction, delinquency prevention, and the successful promotion of youth safety efforts. Below are resources helpful for youth providers as they expand and build community safety efforts.

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Innovative Solutions to Youth Violence - Providence, RI 

Partners: The Institute for Study of Nonviolence & Providence Police Department

The Institute's Nonviolence Streetworkers Program is focused on promoting, educating, and training members of the community, professionals, and agencies in the methods of MORE...

Miami Partnership for Action in Communities Task (MPACT) Force - Miami, FL

Partners: Miami Dade County Schools Police Department & Community Partners

The Miami Partnership for Action in Communities Task Force is a community-wide collaborative effort created by the Miami-Dade County Schools Police Department MORE...

Riverside Youth Court Program - Riverside, CA

Partners: Volunteer Center of Riverside County & Riverside Police Department

The Riverside Youth Court is a restorative justice program for first-time juvenile offenders. The program is designed to provide youth a second chance to stem criminal behavior MORE...

Crime Prevention Programming for Youth - San Diego, CA

Partners: STAR/PAL and San Diego Police Department

Through collaboration between STAR/PAL and the San Diego Police Department, this partnership effectively brings youth and law enforcement volunteers together positive mentorship MORE...

Care Fresno - Fresno, CA

Partners: Care Fresno and Fresno Police Department 

Care Fresno was created by a partnership between the Fresno Police Department, local churches, businesses and apartment complex owners, all of whom were distressed by extreme MORE...

StreetSafe Boston - Boston, MA

Partners: The Boston Foundation, Inc. and the Boston Police Department

The Boston Foundation’s StreetSafe Boston initiative is a violence prevention and intervention program aimed at reducing the incidence of gang-involved shootings  MORE...

Yellow Tape Protocol - Los Angeles, CA

Partners: Communities in Schools of the San Fernando Valley & Greater Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department

The Yellow Tape Protocol program’s main objective is to provide immediate violence interruption and crisis response whenever gang crime erupts within the MORE...

Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition - Phoenix, AZ

Partners: Capitol Mall Association, City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department, and Phoenix Police Department

The goal of the Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition in Phoenix is to "weed out" violent crime, drug use, and gang activity from targeted neighborhoods and to plant the "seeds" MORE...

South LA Graffiti Free Zone Project - Los Angeles, CA

Partners: Coalition for Responsible Community Development, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney

As part of a long-standing community-police partnership, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) collaborated with the Los Angeles Police MORE...

Delray Beach Weed & Seed: Innovations in Prevention - Delray Beach, FL

Partners: Delray Beach Weed & Seed

In Delray Beach, FL, the Delray Beach Weed & Seed Project, a multi-agency collaborative with the Delray Beach Police Department, found creative solutions to MORE...

Community Alliance for a Safe Summer - Chicago, IL 

Partners: TARGET Area Development Corporation and the Chicago Police Department

In 1995, Ambassadors for Christ Ministries created the TARGET (Teaching Area Residents in Gresham and Englewood to Take part in) Area Development Corporation in the Auburn MORE...