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Neighbors who look out for each other. Neighbors who know and work with police. Both are powerful ingredients for making a community safe – easy to say, but often difficult to achieve in high crime communities where fear of retaliation, distrust and the burdens of just getting by stand in the way of collective action to address crime. Yet leadership by residents is often the linchpin for achieving and sustaining safety gains. The following resources highlight examples of strong resident leadership in community safety efforts, ranging from targeted crime reporting campaigns that helped to guide and empower police and prosecution efforts, to senior walking groups who took back their streets by pounding the pavement.



 Below are additional resources helpful for residents led and resident engaged safety programs.

Pod & Webcasts

The Organizing for Safety Webcast features representatives from Lawrence CommunityWorks, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers, and VVBOOM. This webcast explains the importance of organizing residents and business owners with police to address persistent crime problems.  In addition to the webcast, the North Common Neighborhood Revitalization Case Study, is available for download and further explains the work of Lawrence CommunityWorks. 



Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition - Phoenix, AZ

Partners: Capitol Mall Association, City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department, and Phoenix Police Department

The goal of the Capitol Weed & Seed Coalition in Phoenix is to "weed out" violent crime, drug use, and gang activity from targeted neighborhoods and to plant the "seeds" MORE...

Police Partnership for Safe & Thriving Neighborhoods - Tacoma, WA

Partners: Hilltop Action Coalition and Tacoma Police Department

Hilltop Action Coalition, one of the many programs housed under Associated Ministries, is an engaged group of civic leaders who, since 1989, worked to take on the MORE...

Mott Haven Weed & Seed - Bronx, NY 

Partners: SOBRO and the New York City Police Department 

Founded in 1972 by those concerned with the future of the South Bronx, the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SOBRO) has long pursued a simple mission: reverse the MORE...

Twelfth Street Heritage CSI Program - Kansas City, MO

Partners: Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation and the Kansas City Missouri Police Department

Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation (TSHDC) and the Kansas City Police Department partnered to improve several core residential developments in MORE...

Civic Partnership for Neighborhood Revitalization - Chelsea, MA

Partners: Chelsea Neighborhood Developers & Chelsea Police Department

Working closely with the Chelsea Police Department, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers led a partnership that has achieved significant results in two adjacent distressed areas in Chelsea MORE...

Orchard Garden/Common Public Safety Committee - Boston, MA

Partners: Madison Park Development Corporation, Boston Police Department, and Orchard Gardens/Commons Public Safety Committee

The Orchard Gardens/Commons Public Safety Committee is a highly networked crime watch. The Orchard Gardens Resident Association initiated the group at a MORE...

Operation Cocoa Cleanup - Cocoa, FL 

Partners: Homes for Independence Inc. & City of Cocoa Police Department

Operation Cocoa Cleanup is a community-police partnership formed to address severe crime conditions at Crestview Villas condominium complex. Thirty-eight percent of units MORE...

Downtown/Mid-City Housing Initiative - North Little Rock, AR

Partners: Argenta CDC & North Little Rock Police Department

In response to the rising gang and drug activity in downtown North Little Rock during the late 1980s and early 1990s, residents and property owners organized the Argenta Community Development MORE...

Hollygrove Livable Communities Project - New Orleans, LA

Partners: Carrolton-Hollygrove Community Development Corporation (CHCDC) and the New Orleans Police Department

In 2007 in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the CHCDC partnered with AARP Louisiana, Trinity Christian Community, and Hollygrove Neighbors in the MORE...