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Police and sheriffs' departments wield powerful resources to combat crime. Yet the community policing movement has grown up around the recognition that they can't do it alone. Departments with a commitment to community policing demonstrate a willingness to attend proactively to the problems and concerns of particular neighborhoods, working with local organizations, residents, businesses, other government agencies and service providers to tackle crime and its drivers. The resources below highlight efforts and strategies in which police played a critical role, including several pieces authored "by cops, for cops". CSI also offers case studies about the specific strategy of Kobans and Police Substations



Below are additional resources helpful for police and law enforcement personnel.



Safe Streets, Sound Communities

This report acts as an introduction to the Community Safety Initiative. It explores LISC's role in promoting community safety through partnerships between police and community MORE...



Organizing for Safety: Transforming Community Activism Into Community Change

Experience has shown that effective community organizing around public safety is one of the most lucrative paths to community revitalization. This paper presents examples MORE...


Understanding Crime Displacement: A Guide for Community Development Practitioners

The idea that crime will automatically relocate in the aftermath of community development initiatives (CDIs) is perhaps one of the most commonly held beliefs among MORE...


A Blade of Grass Cuts Through Stone: Helping Rebuild Urban Neighborhoods Through Unconventional Police-Community Partnerships

This article proposes mixing community policing and community development with the objective of having economic development and community safety mechanisms MORE...


Building our way out of Crime: The Transformative Power of Police-Community Developer Partnerships 

This book provides extensive descriptions and analysis of innovative efforts in communities across the United States to reduce crime in and improve the economic vitality MORE...



Policymaker's Guide to Building Our Way Out of Crime: The Transformative Power of Police-Community Developer Partnership

The case studies provided highlight the roles police have played in helping developers convert places that generated or attracted crime and blight into neighborhood MORE...

Toledo-Lagrange Weed & Seed - Toledo, OH 

Partners: Lagrange Development Corporation & Toledo Police Department

Lagrange Weed & Seed/CSI in Toledo, Ohio is the first hybrid Weed & Seed/CSI project. The program illustrates the collaboration between a community development MORE...