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Neighborhood Groups

Below are resources that profile organized groups of neighborhood residents, and often merchants, who have played active roles in reporting and addressing criminal and suspicious behavior in their communities.  Strategies include improved and increased crime reporting to local law enforcement, formalized watch groups and safety teams  and building strategic cooperation among community-police partners.  The presence of these formalized neighborhood groups has helped eliminate longstanding violence and illegal activity while deterring new crime because of increased eyes and ears on the streets.



Below are additional resources helpful for Neighborhood Groups

Pod & Webcasts

  • The Organizing for Safety webcast discusses how organizing residents, business owners and police to address persistent crime problems is essential to making neighborhoods safe in the long run


Blake Road Community Collaborative - Hopkins, MN 

Partners: Blake Road Community Collaborative and the Hopkins Police Department

The Blake Road Community Collaborative grew out of a need to revitalize the Blake Road Corridor in Hopkins, MN, which was plagued by violent crime and disorder, an increasing number of MORE...

Information Networks Forge Strong Community-Police Collaboration - Phoenix, AZ

Partners: Fax Net 1 and the Phoenix Police Department

Fax Net 1, a communications network, links local, state and federal law enforcement agencies operating in Maricopa County to each other and to community MORE...

King Drive Public Safety Initiative - Milwaukee, WI

Partners: Historic King Drive Business Improvement District & Milwaukee Police Department

Composed of over 100 businesses along the historic Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee, WI, the Business Improvement District (BID), formed in 1992 MORE...

Barton Neighborhood Revitalization Project - Pawtucket, RI 

Partners: Pawtucket CDC, Pawtucket Police Department & Central Falls Police Department

The Barton Street Neighborhood Revitalization Project was formed by the Pawtucket CDC in response to crime problems that persisted in the area, in part due to MORE...

Curbing Crime One Street at a Time - Seattle, WA

Partners: HomeSight and the Seattle Police Department 

HomeSight, a Community Development Corporation in Southeast Seattle, is the main partner in the 'Curbing Crime One Street at a Time' project, a strategic effort to increase real and perceived MORE...