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Housing Providers


Housing providers wield great influence over public safety through their choices and actions around property design and maintenance, rental leasing policies and procedures and support (or lack thereof) for resident organizing. The resources below highlight potential roles and responsibilities of housing providers in community safety efforts. Some emphasize how progressive public housing agencies can address crime and related challenges.

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Housing for a Second Chance

CSI, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice Community Capacity Development Office and staff from the Family Justice Program at the Vera Institute of Justice, offers a training curriculum to address the unique issues related to housing formerly incarcerated individuals and their families MORE... 



Using Asset and Liability Mapping to Promote, Pursue and Improve Public Safety

This case study describes a project conducted in the Greater Elmwood neighborhood of Providence, RI that used mapping and data analysis to guide a comprehensive public MORE...


Organizing for Safety: Transforming Community Activism into Community Change

Experience has shown that effective community organizing around public safety is one of the most lucrative paths to community revitalization. This paper presents examples MORE...

Urban Edge Public Safety Services - Boston, MA

Partners: Urban Edge Housing Corporation and the Boston Police Department

Urban Edge and the Boston Police Department’s (BPD) partnership began with a single building on Morse Street that was ruled by a gang of drug dealers. As the property's MORE...

At Home in Duluth Neighborhood Revitalization - Duluth, MN 

Partners: Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth, Spirit Valley Citizens’ Neighborhood Development Association & Duluth Police Department

"At Home in Duluth" is a collaboration of non-profit organizations and public agencies pursuing comprehensive community development. Each CDC is accountable MORE...

Care Fresno - Fresno, CA

Partners: Care Fresno and Fresno Police Department 

Care Fresno was created by a partnership between the Fresno Police Department, local churches, businesses and apartment complex owners, all of whom were distressed by MORE...