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See below for resources that highlight problem solving partnerships focused on reducing crime in commercial districts and properties. Profiled here are ambassador programs; efforts focused on branding and marketing areas to address fear and perceptions of high crime; programs where Main Street groups, chambers of commerce and Business Improvement District (BIDs) led safety efforts; and programs focused around streetscape and façade improvements.



The Building our way out of Crime: Partnering with Police and Prosecutors to Revitalize Communities webcast features representatives from Geller & Associates, Seattle Police Department, and Swope Community Builders. This webcast explores how partnerships with law enforcement can help CDC and community leaders address public safety concerns in commercial districts. In addition to the webcast, the Swope Community Builders Case Study, is available for download and further explains their work and partnership with the Kansas City Police Department. 




SOHI Business Association Technology Videos

CSI partner, SOHI Business Association in Milwaukee, WI collaborated with the Milwaukee Police Department to take advantage of the popular You Tube network as a vehicle for information-sharing regarding safety, security and nuisance abatement.  SOHI posted videos on a range of topics such as how to deal with a nuisance property, the new neighborhood policing plan, the role of the Milwaukee Police Department's Community Prosecution Team and much more. Click on the links above to watch SOHI videos.