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Policing in Immigrant Communities

Community-police collaboration in neighborhoods with large immigrant populations is often difficult. Distrust, cultural misunderstandings and linguistic barriers can stand in the way, sometimes aggravating victimization of foreign-born individuals and the communities in which they live. CSI partners have blazed trails in overcoming these barriers – see below for more on their strategies and related resources.

Resource Lists 

  • Download the Safety in Immigrant Communities resource list containing innovative strategies, policing solutions and additional information for practitioners to draw from when working with immigrant communities to improve safety

Pod & Webcasts


El Protector Program - Nashville, TN

Partners: Meharry Medical College & Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The El Protector program led by the Metro Nashville Police Department is based on proactive outreach and partnership between the police department and the Hispanic/Latino community MORE...

On the Beat Multilingual Liaison Program - Providence, RI 

Partners: Family Service of Rhode Island & Providence Police Department

The On The Beat Multilingual Police Liaison Program offers a unique collaboration to its community, providing the opportunity for “beat” cops and bilingual social workers to do MORE...

CAN Center Day Laborer Program - Kansas City, MO

Partners: Westside Community Action Network  & Kansas City Police Department

In the late 1990s, Kansas City saw a dramatic increase in Latino immigrants. Many of these immigrants found their way to the Westside neighborhood which became an ad-hoc MORE...

Grace Apartments Community Education & Safety Awareness Program - Denver, CO

Partners: Mercy Housing Colorado and the Denver Police Department 

Reducing and preventing crime in neighborhoods with diverse immigrant populations is a uniquely challenging endeavor. Often the sheer number of languages MORE...

Bridging Cultural Divides to Combat Domestic Violence - Brooklyn, NY 

Partners: Dwa Fanm, NYC Police Department & Kings County District Attorney

Dwa Fanm is a grassroots organization working to end discrimination, injustice and violence against black immigrant women, particularly those with MORE...

Barton Neighborhood Revitalization Project - Pawtucket, RI 

Partners: Pawtucket Citizens Development Corporation, the Pawtucket Police Department and the Central Falls Police Department

The Barton Street Neighborhood Revitalization Project was formed by the Pawtucket CDC in response to crime problems that persisted in the area, in part due MORE...

Indiantown Revitalization Project - Indiantown, FL

Partners: Indiantown Non-Profit Housing & Martin County Sheriff's Department

The partnership between Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc (INPHI) and the Martin County Sheriff's Office is focused on the revitalization of Indiantown, FL with a primary MORE...

Civic Partnership for Neighborhood Revitalization - Chelsea, MA

Partners: Chelsea Neighborhood Developers & Chelsea Police Department

Working closely with the Chelsea Police Department, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers led a partnership that has achieved significant results in two adjacent distressed areas in Chelsea MORE...