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Riverside Gateway Initiatives

2007 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Neighborhood Revitalization Award Winner 

Partners: Olneyville Housing Corporation & Providence Police Department
Location: Providence, RI 

After years of neglect, the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island had changed from an area populated by mills fueling the local economy to a neighborhood dominated by abandoned mills and vacant lots inhabited by drug-users and prostitutes. A diverse set of stakeholders including the Olneyville Housing Corporation (OHC) and Providence Police Department came together and worked to advance a comprehensive revitalization agenda that has transformed what had been a crime ridden, abandoned section of the city into a healthy, vibrant neighborhood. Strategies included using the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design to guide rehabilitation of a polluted riverbank area that was a haven for criminals into a family-friendly, nine-acre park. In addition, OHC acquired vacant lots and problem properties with police assistance and transformed them into attractive, affordable homes. Creative partnerships with the Providence Police Department at all stages of this five year process have been critical to the efforts' success. In addition to the neighborhood's physical revitalization, crime is down dramatically in the immediate project area and problem-solving partnerships between police and community organizations are now part of the regular course of business in Olneyville.

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Author: Karin Anderson
Date Published: 12/13/2007