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Parks-Public Spaces


Parks are key to health and quality of life, yet they often become havens for criminal activity because they lack clear individual ownership. The resources below describe how police and community organizations have reclaimed greenspaces and restored them for positive use by community members – even turning them into anchors for community pride, revitalization and healthy living efforts in some cases.


Curbing Crime One Street at a Time - Seattle, WA

Partners: HomeSight and the Seattle Police Department 

HomeSight, a Community Development Corporation in Southeast Seattle, is the main partner in the 'Curbing Crime One Street at a Time' project, a strategic effort to increase real and perceived MORE...

Highland Park Illegal Dumping Task Force - Detroit, MI

Partners: Operation Weed & Seed and Highland Park Police Department

The City of Highland Park is a 2.96 square mile enclave located within the City of Detroit, Michigan. This once affluent community which was home to Chrysler and Ford, is now operating MORE...

Nevin Corridor Partnership - Richmond, CA

Partners: Building Blocks for Kids and Richmond Police Department

The focus of this partnership was the revitalization of Nevin Park and Community Center located in a high crime and violence area called the Iron Triangle in Richmond, CA. In 2005 MORE...

Pioneer Park Safety & Livability Team - Salt Lake City, UT

Partners: Salt Lake Solutions & Salt Lake City Police Department

Pioneer Park, situated alongside businesses and neighborhoods, has been an open-air drug market since the early 1980’s. Safety for local residents declined as organized drug distribution MORE... 

Riverside Gateway Initiatives - Providence, RI 

Partners: Olneyville Housing Corporation & Providence Police Department 

After years of neglect, the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island had changed from an area populated by mills fueling the local economy to a neighborhood dominated MORE...