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Gun Violence

Violence can rip apart families and neighborhoods in devastating ways. In recent years, the most promising responses call on community leaders and service organizations to work with law enforcement and criminal justice entities on prevention and intervention. This often includes clear communication from the community to offenders that the shooting must stop, and that the community wants to welcome them back into civic life if they will cease doing harm. The following resources address these strategies and their link to community revitalization efforts.

Resource Lists

  • Download the Gun Violence resource list to learn about innovative solutions regarding gun violence in your community


Asset-Based & Community Revitalization - Charleston, SC

Partners: Metanoia CDC & North Charleston Police Department

Metanoia Community Development Corporation and the North Charleston Police Department successfully worked together to reduce crime and to revitalize the Chicora-Cherokee MORE...

SUN Crime Committee - Syracuse, NY

Partners: Syracuse United Neighbors and the Syracuse Police Department

The Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN) Crime Committee represents an ongoing partnership between community residents, affordable housing developers and the Syracuse Police Department MORE...

StreetSafe Boston - Boston, MA

Partners: The Boston Foundation, Inc. and the Boston Police Department

The Boston Foundation’s StreetSafe Boston initiative is a violence prevention and intervention program aimed at reducing the incidence of gang-involved shootings and youth MORE...