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Reductions in Crime


CSI’s target neighborhoods across the country are experiencing significant drops in crime that outperform changes happening in other similar neighborhoods.  According to a study by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, the crime level in the Chinatown/ International District of Seattle, Washington dropped nearly 40% compared with a 15% drop in the rest of Seattle in the years following CSI’s inception.  In Providence, RI, crime dropped by 70% over three years around nuisance properties targeted by CSI partners. Below are resources that highlight crime reduction resulting from collaborative public safety approaches.  


  • In the Hawthorne section of North Minneapolis, LISC helped form a unique collaboration of police and residents to make the neighborhood safer, after years of crime and decline. The community policing effort helped reduce violent crime in the target area by 73%; police action calls dropped 84% and narcotics crime dropped 85%. Download the Hawthorne EcoVillage case study in order to learn more about their efforts.



A Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Auburn Boulevard Revitalization Project

As public agencies and community developers look to replicate successful projects, it is important to apply objective measures to evaluate achievements. This publication MORE...


North Common Neighborhood Revitalization - Lawrence, MA

Partners: Lawrence CommunityWorks & Lawrence Police Department

As one of the most blighted areas of the city, the North Common neighborhood had become a collection of vacant lots, transient residents and dilapidated housing. While the MORE...


Understanding Crime Displacement: A Guide for Community Development Practitioners 

The idea that crime will automatically relocate in the aftermath of community development initiatives (CDIs) is perhaps one of the most commonly held beliefs among MORE...


Asset-Based & Community Revitalization - Charleston, SC

Partners: Metanoia CDC  & North Charleston Police Department

Metanoia Community Development Corporation and the North Charleston Police Department successfully worked together to reduce crime and to revitalize the Chicora-Cherokee MORE...

Hawthorne EcoVillage - Minneapolis, MN 

Partners: Project for Pride in Living and Minneapolis Police Department

Beginning in 2005, the City of Minneapolis experienced a rapidly increasing number of foreclosures coupled with a declining housing market. The City worked with neighborhood MORE...

Riverside Gateway Initiatives - Providence, RI 

Partners: Olneyville Housing Corporation & Providence Police Department 

After years of neglect, the Olneyville section of Providence, Rhode Island had changed from an area populated by mills fueling the local economy to a neighborhood dominated MORE...