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Connections to National LISC Programs

Connections to LISC National ProgramsLISC, the largest community development support organization in the country, was founded in late 1979 to help local residents realize change, from the bottom up.

For almost three decades, LISC has connected local organizations and community leaders with resources to revitalize neighborhoods and improve quality of life. The LISC model assembles private and public resources and directs it to locally-defined priorities. Our unique structure enables local organizations to access national resources and expertise, and our funding partners to leverage their investments to achieve remarkable results. 

Our Mission - Help Neighbors Build Communities
The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity - good places to work, do business and raise children. 
In every city and many of the rural areas where LISC - supported community development takes shape our program staff work in collaboration with local community development groups. We help them identify priorities and challenges, and work to deliver the most appropriate support to meet local needs. We do it by mobilizing corporate, government and philanthropic support to provide local community development organizations with:

loans, grants and equity investments

local, statewide and national policy support

technical and management assistance 


LISC National Programs

LISC Community Safety InitiativeCommunity Safety Initiative CSI builds long term partnerships with law enforcement, residents, business owners and members of other neighborhood institutions in troubled communities to reduce persistent crime, disorder and fear. CSI has been the catalyst for physical improvements and strategies that have reduced crime, increased public confidence, and attracted new businesses.




LISC Educational FacilitiesEducational Facilities Financing Center Access to high-quality public education sets the foundation for a healthy neighborhood. Yet, attaining sufficient facilities stands as the biggest hurdle for new and existing public charter schools. With initial support from the Walton Family Foundation, LISC established the Educational Facilities Financing Center (EFFC) in 2003 to undertake a three-pronged approach to addressing the facilities challenge.

  • Supporting Individual Schools
  • Developing Local Facilities Funds, and
  • Fostering Public Policy Initiatives 

LISC HousingLISC Housing

Often the revitalization of a community begins with the transformation of its built environment, more specifically its housing stock. Housing that is safe, accessible, and affordable to people of a variety of incomes is the foundation for building sustainable, economically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Housing has been the cornerstone of LISC’s work for over 30 years in communities across the country. Even as LISC’s strategy—called Building Sustainable Communities—has become more comprehensive, encompassing support for schools, commercial development, jobs and employment, and health and safety programs, affordable housing remains the core element. To date, LISC has helped to produce over 303,500 affordable homes and rental apartments.