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Improve Access to Education

Access to quality education is a defining characteristic of a sustainable community. Building on its work with charter school facilities, LISC has expanded its focus, helping organizations work with school districts, parent-teacher groups, child care facilities, youth development and afterschool programs to help make education a force for community improvement.   

Tapestry Charter School

Tapestry Charter School

Tapestry Charter School received a $100,000 recoverable grant through LISC’s Educational Facilities Financing Center (EFFC) Walton Family Foundation (WFF) Seed Grant Fund. The funding was for predevelopment costs associated with the acquisition and construction/ renovation of 65 Great Arrow Avenue to house Tapestry’s K -12 arts focused charter school program in Buffalo, NY.

The Tapestry Charter School received approval from the State University of New York Board of Trustees and New York State Department of Education to open in September 2001. Tapestry offers small, multi-age classrooms where students are given significant opportunity for individual attention and self-directed learning. Tapestry provides an inclusive educational program to meet the educational needs of all students and is committed to meeting and exceeding New York State standards for learning. 

The mission of Tapestry Charter School is to provide a challenging and rigorous education in an environment that emphasizes diversity, compassion, collaboration, community, creativity, and leadership, so that students are academically and socially prepared to meet the demands of further education while maturing into productive and caring adults with a lifelong passion for learning.

Tapestry Charter School
Grades Offered 2012/2013: KG-12
District: Buffalo
Enrollment: 682


Highgate Heights ElementaryBuffalo Promise Neighborhood- Highgate Heights Elementary

In 2011, the Westminster Foundation in Buffalo received one of only five Promise Neighborhood Implementation grants awarded by the US Department of Education.  That $6 million, 5-year grant will be the catalyst for improvement in two grammar schools, one high school, and a new early child care center in the Kensington-Bailey neighborhood on Buffalo’s East Side.

Buffalo LISC’s National Education Initiative provided $50,000 to support an after school mathematics enhancement program for students at Highgate Heights Elementary School.

Part of the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, Highgate Heights is dedicated to developing students who are academically proficient, physically and emotionally healthy, and also who are respectful, responsible and caring individuals.

Highgate Heights Elementary/PS 80
Grades offered: K-8
School District: Buffalo