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Local and national publications and resources

Neighborhood Plans and Resources

Building for the Future, Community Development Plan for the Massachusetts Avenue Corridor, April 2012

PUSH (People United for Sustainable Housing) & Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company Inc.


Guidebook: Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice

Date Published: 06/04/2013

The National Housing Conference along with the Center for Housing Policy has produced a guide highlighting proven solutions to the challenges of veterans' homelessness. Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice was funded by a grant from MetLife Foundation and National Equity Fund.

A handbook of policy and practice for creating veterans' permanent supportive housing, the guide highlights essential elements, funding programs and examples of developments across the United States. It includes case studies that demonstrate how this effective approach to serving homeless and at-risk veterans works.


Green & Healthy Property Management: A Guide for Multifamily Buildings

Date Published: 02/19/2013

Boston LISC created the Green & Healthy Property Management guide to provide community partners and other owners of low-income housing with a basis for an open discussion with their property managers about green and healthy goals, implementation of those goals, and ongoing oversight of the properties' energy performance.


Go Green, Get Green: LISC's Guide for Small Business

Date Published: 05/15/2012

A green guide for small business, created by LISC Green Development Center.


LISC Special Report: Improving Educational Opportunities & Outcomes

Date Published: 03/28/2012

Author(s): LISC

The latest in the line of LISC special reports. Every low-income community need strong schools, effective childhood education centers, and responsive youth programs if they are to help families break the generational cycles of poverty and reverse persistent blight. For LISC, access to quality education is a vital piece of our comprehensive strategy to revitalize communities called Building Sustainable Communities. We help finance schools, strengthen youth academic and recreation programs, and support early child care centers that provide the foundation for bright futures


LISC Special Report: Financial Opportunity Centers offer comprehensive approach for long-term financial health, 2012

Date Published: 02/24/2012

Author(s): LISC

Updated February 2012

This special report highlights LISC's Financial Opportunity Center model which provides services focused on employment placement and career improvement, financial education and coaching, and public benefits access. There are 65 existing Centers in 25 cities.


Land Banks and Land Banking

Date Published: 07/05/2011

Author(s): Frank S. Alexander

In a follow-up to LISC publication--Land Bank Authorities: A Guide to the Creation and Operation of Local Land Banks--Professor Frank Alexander updates this guidebook for American cities attempting to rediscover the value of urban land. The guide presents new strategies, resources, and an examination of effective solutions to combat vacant and abandoned properties.


2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape

Date Published: 06/19/2010

Author(s): Elise Balboni, Reena Bhatia, Kathy Olsen, Sara McCuistion, Jeffrey Meyers of LISC

A mapping survey of private nonprofit and public financing programs for charter schools across the U.S.

The 2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape is an updated mapping survey of private nonprofit and public financing programs for charter school facilities across the nation, including for the first time, information on charter school access to the tax-exempt bond market. The 2010 Landscape includes descriptions of private philanthropies and nonprofit organizations active in the sector and detailed data on all rated charter school bond issuances through 2009. Performance data is provided for both loans and tax-exempt bond issues. Public initiatives are also detailed, including federal programs supportive of charter school facilities and state policies in all 40 jurisdictions with a charter law. The report includes all available website and statutory references, with active links in the electronic version.