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Building Strong Organizations & Leadership

The Bay Area is rich with people and organizations committed to creating healthy and sustainable communities. As a community development intermediary, Bay Area LISC plays a key role in convening and supporting practitioners and community based organizations to support sound organizational management practices and strong local leadership. We do this through our technical assistance, trainings, and conferences. Our partnerships with community development organizations have made Bay Area LISC a leader in the field, and our comprehensive support has come to play a pivotal role in the success of the industry.

Technical Assistance: Our unique position as a organization with national connections and resources that maintains a strong local focus enables us to provide one-on-one technical assistance to community development organizations in the arenas of affordable housing, commercial and mixed-use development, organizational development, commercial corridor revitalization, neighborhood planning, energy efficiency, green development, and more.

Training:  Our trainings range from year-long intensive training institutes to single-session workshops on topics such as the policy and finance of green affordable housing and post-purchase management of affordable ownership housing.  We build the capacity of at all levels of an organization from entry level project managers to the Board of Directors.  The Housing Development Training Institute (HDTI), one of our year-long institutes, has become a vital resource in its 20 years of operation, providing intensive training to affordable housing project managers throughout California. 

Peer Networks: Bay Area LISC hosts several peer networks to facilitate dialogue between professional cohorts from different organizations across the nine-county region.  The discussions that take place in peer network sessions often illuminate emerging needs in the field, and Bay Area LISC is well situated to develop tools and advocate for policies to help meet the needs of the organizations it serves.  Each of our networks targets a specific group of community development professionals and serves as a forum in which these individuals from different organizations around the region can come together to compare notes about vendors and consultants, swap boilerplate documents and reporting templates, and discuss common challenges, opportunities, insights, and best practices that they have encountered in the field.  Ongoing peer networks include: Commercial Corridor Managers, Human Resource Managers, CFO Finance Directors, Neighbors Excelling Together Program Managers, and the Green Affordable Housing Coalition.

Policy & Advocacy: Bay Area LISC in policy and  and education in order to foster greater understanding of the issues surrounding and the solutions to problems facing low-income communities and families. We host conferences, symposia and other events to spark public discourse on a range of issues of importance to the Bay Area’s low-income communities. Click here to read about a conference we helped host in October of 2013: “A Just Bay Area: Growing Regional Collaborations for Equitable Development." 

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